Relative of Duck Dynasty Clan Announces Congressional Bid Because “There is No God” in Washington Right Now June 16, 2014

Relative of Duck Dynasty Clan Announces Congressional Bid Because “There is No God” in Washington Right Now

Vance McAllister is the former family-values-loving Republican Congressman from Louisiana who resigned after videotape surfaced of him French-kissing a staffer:

Now that he’s gone, guess who’s vying for his seat?

Zach Dasher, cousin of Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson:

Zach Dasher (via Facebook)

Dasher seems to follow the family’s politics, too:

“I got to looking around at the problems in politics today, and what I see in Washington, D.C., is no God. There is no God. The elite political class thinks they can be running our lives,” he said in an interview with The Associated Press.

“I think there’s a vacuum in D.C. of people who understand where rights come from. Rights don’t come from men. They come from God.

Where the hell in D.C. is he looking?! Because when I look, God is everywhere. He’s definitely in the Republican Party. I wish I could say the Democrats were more secular, but they’re not — all the Democrats are openly religious or silent about their faith. And we *know* the Supreme Court loves God.

It’s also hard to take him seriously about our rights coming from God when so many minority groups — black people, women, LGBT individuals — have had to fight to obtain those rights that weren’t given to them in the first place because Dasher’s God fucked up.

So Dasher’s really running because he’s hoping his family’s name-recognition and support will propel him to public office. It’s not because he has good ideas or any sense of how to truly represent all the people in his district.

Might as well start digging into him with questions now. Let’s find out if he’s really as much of a racist and bigot as Phil Robertson.

(Thanks to @cbotnyse for the link)

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