Christian Right Chaplain Says Atheists Are Possessed by Demonic Spirits but Don’t Know It Because… Satan June 7, 2014

Christian Right Chaplain Says Atheists Are Possessed by Demonic Spirits but Don’t Know It Because… Satan

A couple of weeks ago, E.W. Jackson, the one-time candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, argued that groups like the ACLU and the Freedom From Religion Foundation were “demonic”:

… when the Foundation for Freedom From Religion and the ACLU goes around the country, trying to stop prayer in city council meetings and school board meetings, trying to stop prayer in every public event, they are not simply human beings who disagree with us, it is demonic power moving to shut down the power of God that comes through prayer.

That’s why they don’t want us to pray in the name of Jesus. Because there is power in the name of Jesus…

And all of us watched that and rolled our eyes, knowing that demons have nothing to do with our desire to have government officials follow the Constitution when they’re conducting business.

Now, Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt is echoing what Jackson said earlier, basically saying (as Right Wing Watch’s Kyle Mantyla puts it), “atheists are possessed by demonic spirits but do not realize it because those demonic spirits are blinding them to the fact that they are possessed by demonic spirits.”

… an atheist complainer, he looks at Jesus and doesn’t see the glory of Christ. He’s blind. And who has blinded him? Satan inside of him has blinded his eyes. It’s impossible for atheists to discern the demonic spirits.

Let us know in the comments how Satan is commanding you to sin!

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