After ACLU’s Warning to School Officials, Virginia Students Lead Crowd in Christian Prayer at Graduation June 7, 2014

After ACLU’s Warning to School Officials, Virginia Students Lead Crowd in Christian Prayer at Graduation

If you’re not Christian, the Lee County Public Schools in Virginia would like you to know that officials there don’t give a damn about you.

It’s not just that Thomas Walker High School has a display of the Ten Commandments in the hallways. It’s not just that the faculty adviser of First Priority (a Christian club) conducts club activities in his classroom. It’s not just that certain faculty events begin and end with a Christian prayer.

It’s that the school’s graduation director “requires seniors to sing a Christian hymn, ‘Till We Meet Against At Jesus’ Feet,’ at graduation.”

Last month, the ACLU had to remind the district’s superintendent that all of this was illegal and needed to stop immediately.

The most pressing issue was the graduation song, which was removed from the official program. But you can guess what happened at the ceremony last night:

The faculty didn’t lead any prayers… but the students did:

Friday night, one student diverted from the program during the graduation and prayed “The Lord’s Prayer.” Much of the audience including students, staff, faculty, and family members joined in.

At the end of the graduation ceremony, students once again went off-program and sang the song “God Be With You Till We Meet Again.” That caused the auditorium to erupt in applause.

Since it wasn’t “approved” or officially in the program, there probably won’t be any legal ramifications for that. (And there shouldn’t be.) What amazes me, though, is how so many people are claiming those kids were courageous. Courageous! As if it takes courage to stand with the majority.

So congratulations, Christian students. You win. You showed to the non-Christians in the audience that you don’t give a damn about their feelings. You proved there are more of you than them. You reminded all of us of the tunnel-vision so many Christians seem to have, unable to cope with the fact that not everyone believes the same things.

Congratulations on perpetuating all the stereotypes people like me already have about people like you.

Just because you have the right to do something doesn’t mean it has to be done. There’s no reason the hymn couldn’t have been sung before the ceremony or after the ceremony or at church or at home or anywhere else at all besides the graduation ceremony. Instead, you left your non-Christian classmates with one last reminder that your beliefs trump theirs and that a graduation ceremony has to cater to and conform with your faith at all costs.

Jesus may be proud of you, but I think you’re arrogant jerks.

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