Unintentional Hilarity in Vacation Bible School Sketch June 6, 2014

Unintentional Hilarity in Vacation Bible School Sketch

John Hagee Ministries just posted a video from a Vacation Bible School event in which a pastor becomes a puppet. (Because sometimes the jokes just write themselves…)

It’s geared toward children, sure, but I had to share two of the segments with you:

0:55: Talking about how to make this event even better than the last one:

Puppet: I know how it can get better!

Pastor Matt Hagee: You know how it can get — how can it get better? How can it get better?

Puppet: We’re gonna talk about the BLOOD OF JESUSSSSSSSSSS!

[Children scream in delight]

If that doesn’t give you nightmares, nothing will.

2:40: Discussing a new invention that turns people into puppets.

Matt: Have you ever tried this invention?

Puppet: Nope! Never!

Matt: Then how do you even know this invention works?

Puppet: Because I trust the faithful God!

Matt: Well, I think we need — do you guys think we need an experiment with the Puppetizer?

I’m pretty sure I just heard the pastor suggest that trusting in God should take a backseat to a science experiment.

Is that what happened? Because I’m pretty sure that’s what just happened.

And then they the audience is told to scream “JESUS” in order to get Pastor Matt to go into the Puppetizer. Because, I suppose, sacrificing someone for no good reason is just commonplace in churches.

So what’s happening at your local VBS?

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