If This Texas County Installs a Ten Commandments Monument at the Courthouse, a Satanic One Could Follow June 5, 2014

If This Texas County Installs a Ten Commandments Monument at the Courthouse, a Satanic One Could Follow

The Young County Commissioners Court (in Texas) just voted to place a Ten Commandments monument near the entrance to the Young County Courthouse.

The monument, similar to the one at the Oklahoma State Capitol building, will be funded by private donors, so taxpayers won’t be on the hook for it, but the commissioners don’t seem to understand the size of the door they’re about to open…:

When asked what the commissioners court would do if a group attempted to donate a similar Satanic monument, [county judge John] Bullock said that he wouldn’t know how to approach it.

In response to Judge Bullock’s warning Commissioner Mike Sipes reiterated why he believes the court is justified.

“I believe that when we originally discussed this, that we discussed it in a non-religious context,” said Sipes. “That we are really setting up a monument based on the judeo-christian laws that formed this country and that it’s more of an homage to the foundation of this country and the laws they used at the time that reflect this country’s values… So, let ‘em come.”

Oh, they’ll come…

And atheists will come, too.

You think we don’t have donors who would eagerly take advantage of an opportunity to promote our views at a government institution?

The commissioners will have to allow all of them or none of them. They can claim all they want that this is all about the “laws that formed our country” but the majority of Commandments have nothing to do with the law. The first four are explicitly religious and most of the others refer to actions that are not illegal.

Though I’m sure if you asked them, the commissioners couldn’t even name all the Commandments. They seem to revel in their own ignorance.

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