Center For Inquiry Launches Campaign to “Keep Health Care Safe and Secular” June 4, 2014

Center For Inquiry Launches Campaign to “Keep Health Care Safe and Secular”

A new campaign launched by the Center For Inquiry aims to educate the public on the importance of keeping health care “safe and secular“:

I can’t stress how broad this campaign is — and it needs to be. Atheists and skeptics should be concerned with any number of health care-related issues. Just to name some of the big ones:

  • Misleading claims about vaccinations
  • The availability of reproductive care
  • The efficacy of alternative medicines
  • The problem with faith healing
  • End of life care
  • Secular addiction recovery
  • Catholic groups taking over hospitals

The goal of CFI’s campaign is to educate the public on these issues and spur them to action when necessary.

Said Ronald A. Lindsay, president and CEO of CFI, “At a time when corporations seek to force their owners’ religious beliefs on employees, when once-defeated childhood diseases are making a comeback because of misinformation, when people are fleeced by peddlers of useless or dangerous ‘alternative’ remedies, a campaign to keep health care safe and secular is badly needed.”

You can help by signing up for action alerts, keeping up on legislation in your own community, and sharing your own stories of religion/pseudoscience impeding medical care.

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