A New Pay-What-You-Want Book About Putting Our Humanist Values to Work June 1, 2014

A New Pay-What-You-Want Book About Putting Our Humanist Values to Work

How do our Humanist values manifest themselves in the real world?

That’s the question Chris Stedman and Zachary Cole are attempting to answer in a new ebook called Values in Action:

The book’s contributors discuss actual projects they did to help their communities, the benefits and drawbacks to interfaith cooperation, and the resources offered by the Foundation Beyond Belief and its Beyond Belief Network.

It’s a fantastic collection of essays with a lot of great ideas. Definitely worth checking out.

And the best part? You can pay whatever you want for it.

Any donations you make will go toward the permanent meat-packing station at the Humanist Hub:

From April 2014 through December 2014, the Humanist Hub will host monthly Interfaith Meal Packing events. Each month, we will pack 2,000 meals for people in need, working alongside people of different beliefs towards mutual understanding and tolerance. For $1, you can buy the food for 4 meals, so please consider giving anything you can (Note: Gumroad will take 5% plus .25 cents per transaction)

It wouldn’t hurt to give few bucks if you can spare it!

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