The Man Who Was Nearly Lt. Governor of Virginia Thinks Church/State Separation Groups Are Agents of “Demonic Power” May 28, 2014

The Man Who Was Nearly Lt. Governor of Virginia Thinks Church/State Separation Groups Are Agents of “Demonic Power”

E.W. Jackson could’ve been the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. He’s a man who think evolution is a lie and sin leads to birth defects.

And at the Family Research Council’s Watchmen on the Wall conference this past weekend, he screamed about how groups like the ACLU and the Freedom From Religion Foundation were “demonic”:

… when the Foundation for Freedom From Religion and the ACLU goes around the country, trying to stop prayer in city council meetings and school board meetings, trying to stop prayer in every public event, they are not simply human beings who disagree with us, it is demonic power moving to shut down the power of God that comes through prayer.

That’s why they don’t want us to pray in the name of Jesus. Because there is power in the name of Jesus…

And then he had an aneurysm.

Umm… they don’t want you praying in the name of Jesus at government meetings because it’s illegal, not because they’re afraid saying the magic word will cause their bodies to start burning up. If FFRF and the ACLU are demonic, then so are the Founding Fathers who wrote the Constitution.

And, just to reiterate, government officials are welcome to pray all they want. Privately.

You would think a group of people who claim to defend the Constitution would have at least read through the First Amendment.

Miranda Blue at Right Wing Watch adds that, in another segment of his speech, Jackson said, “All men are created — not evolved, but created — equal.”

I repeat: This guy could’ve been Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. Meanwhile, it’s atheists who are the least electable.

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