Omaha Radio Host Says Atheists Should “Shut Up” About Local Mayor’s Comments. Later, He Agrees with Them May 27, 2014

Omaha Radio Host Says Atheists Should “Shut Up” About Local Mayor’s Comments. Later, He Agrees with Them

Yesterday, I posted about how La Vista (Nebraska) Mayor Douglas Kindig (below) allegedly told an atheist to “take me to fucking court because I don’t care” and “Minorities are not going to run my city” after the atheist expressed concerns about possible church/state violations at a “Faith & Freedom Day” hosted by the city.

It only took a few hours before local radio host Tom Becka of 1290 KOIL-AM radio decided to chime in on the incident.

At first, he was just frustrated with the atheists, telling them to stay silent about all of this because it just wasn’t a big deal:

I don’t think anybody’s rights were being hurt. I was not at the event last Sunday… but if they’ve got a pancake breakfast and they’ve got a carnival there, my guess is you could avoid the faith part if you really wanted to. My guess is that you could go and have a nice pancake breakfast, put the kids on the merry-go-round, and enjoy yourself on Sunday without having to worry about the religious part, which is probably a pretty small part of the day. Right? So, as such, just shut up.

But the issue isn’t that anyone was “hurt” or that it was too hard for families to side-step faith. The issue was that the government was promoting an ostensibly Christian event and that may have been a violation of state law.

Becka doubled-down on his ill-informed ideas a little later on the broadcast:

If the atheists want to go and have a similar thing and they’re denied, then I think there’s an issue here. But, other than that, just shut up and let them have their day.

But this wasn’t about the atheists trying to run their own event and being rejected. The local churches are welcome to host a Memorial Day event — no one has a problem with that, including the atheists — but the city shouldn’t be promoting any religious or explicitly non-religious event.

The funny thing is that, as Becka kept complaining about the atheists, he eventually (and hilariously) came right back around to supporting the Omaha Atheists’ position.

… [If] the churches want to go and be outside in the park, have a service, say a prayer, honor their faith, let them!

And then [if] the atheists want to go and have a day in the park, similar, let them!

And [if] the Hindus and the Muslims and the Jews, let them!

Which is why it gets so complicated when any government entity gets involved in some religious operation. Which is why I say stay out of it altogether.

Yes, Wiccans, Yes! Let them! They want to? Let them.

Now we’ve got a real problem now don’t we? Which is why it’s best for the city to stay out of this altogether.

YES! We’re all on the same page now. That’s what this is all about. The city just needs to stay out of it. Problem solved.

It even got to the point where Becka, without fully acknowledging it, ended up making the Omaha Atheists’ case for them, while still suggesting they shut up about all this:

If these atheists really do take you to court the way you challenged them to, Mayor, it’s gonna cost the La Vista taxpayers a lot of money to defend, and the odds are, you’re going to lose!

So there you have it. Tom Becka’s body is completely out of control. He’s talking out of his ass and putting his foot in his mouth at the same time.

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