These Kentucky Officials Think They Can “Pray the Heroin Away” May 26, 2014

These Kentucky Officials Think They Can “Pray the Heroin Away”

Turns out there’s a big heroin problem in Owensboro, Kentucky — there have been three attempts to smuggle it into the local jail in the past six months — but have no fear: The Daviess County Sheriff (Keith Cain) and Jailer (David Osborne) took part in a Christian service yesterday to “pray the heroin away“:

Officials say heroin is making its way into the Owensboro area and they’re hoping a prayer service held on Sunday will help to pray the heroin away.

Several officials including the Daviess County Sheriff and Jailer took time to discuss the dangers of heroin in the community.

While heroin was the main drug spoken about today, alcohol, prescription drugs, cocaine and other drugs were discussed.

The jail was also dedicated as a place where God can work in the lives of the inmates.

What I’m trying to figure out is why two government officials, in their official capacities, were taking part in a religious event (not to mention one that will do nothing to actually solve the drug crisis).

Already, the Daviess County Detention Center seems to have a very cozy relationship with the (Christian) Good News Jail & Prison Ministry:

I’ve alerted the Freedom From Religion Foundation to see if there’s a legal issue here, but we should be equally concerned that human adults believe saying magical words to God will solve a serious drug epidemic.

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