Concert Event Featuring Atheist Rappers May 26, 2014

Concert Event Featuring Atheist Rappers

Atheist rappers Greydon Square and Tombstone da Deadman, along with their partners at Grand Unified, are planning an East Coast concert this summer and they’d trying to fundraise the amount they need to make it successful:

#GrandUnified is a collective of artists who use their talents and skills to creatively educate and inform the world about science. Our mission is to instill a thirst for knowledge, to inspire curiosity, and to promote broadened perspectives that are bold enough to question everything in search for facts and truth.

Your support will help us continue to be a resource for people world-wide seeking logical and rational thinking, along with freedom of expression and the pursuit of science-based information. And, we do it in entertaining, engaging, and exciting ways; music and art is the universal language that pierces through all boundaries. Help us make the most impactful difference of all, opening minds.

The event takes place on July 26 in Temple Hills, Maryland.

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