Redditor: My Grandfather Molested Me and My Dad Did Nothing, Preferring to Let God Sort It Out May 23, 2014

Redditor: My Grandfather Molested Me and My Dad Did Nothing, Preferring to Let God Sort It Out

God knows best. Who are we to second-guess Him?

That mindset, taken to its extreme, destroys lives. Here‘s a horrifying example.

As with almost all personal pseudonymous accounts on Reddit, this one isn’t verifiable. It’s worth calling attention to regardless, because the religious reasoning here is, in its own hermetic, insane way, so simple and straightforward. And certainly, millions of people think very much like this. To a true-blue believer of the Bible, of course an almighty interventionist God will, well, intervene to prevent evil — if He wills it. If not, we’ll have to grit our teeth and tough it out. God will not be questioned. Remember — mysterious ways, and all that.

The other day, I asked my father why he never provided supervision or kept my siblings and I away from my (paternal) grandfather during our childhoods, even though my father knew at the time that this grandfather had been the perpetrator in two familial sexual assaults.

His response was, “When you love something, you give it up to God for protection. It’s not our job to fight for ourselves or the people we selfishly love. God demanded sacrifice of Isaac from Abraham, and I trusted God to spare you guys as he spared Isaac.”

Specifically, his “foremost duty” was to “turn the other cheek” and “let the Lord defend” him, and by extension, his children.

This grandfather molested me and my female siblings during our childhoods.

But remember, it’s atheists who have no morals. When confronted with this situation, we’d just be doing ungodly things like, I dunno, keeping the grandfather from continuing to assault young girls. We’d protect the victims, and get the police involved.

Totally not what God the Father wanted, apparently.

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