Humanist Weddings Are Hard to Come by, Even in Las Vegas May 23, 2014

Humanist Weddings Are Hard to Come by, Even in Las Vegas

Raul Martinez is the president of the Humanists and Atheists of Las Vegas and he has a wonderfully important side business: He performs weddings for couples that don’t want God in the ceremony:

Sandy Lopez profiled his work in the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

“When you get married, even if you go to a chapel downtown, the priest or minister will ask you how much God do you want in your ceremony, from 0 to 10. When you ask for 0, as in no God in the ceremony, the priest or minister is not trained for that,” Martinez said. “That got me thinking that there should be another option for atheists.”

It took a successful lawsuit and a legislative change before he became officially ordained but you can tell he takes pride in what he does:

“Once the wedding starts, I like it to flow like a performance or art piece,” Martinez said. “I’m very passionate about this. It’s a great privilege to share in such an important moment for a couple’s life.

You can check out his wedding website here.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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