Here’s Why the Christian Right is Losing the Battle Against Gay Marriage May 22, 2014

Here’s Why the Christian Right is Losing the Battle Against Gay Marriage

Yesterday, Diane Gramley (below) of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania made these statements after a judge struck down the statewide ban on gay marriage:

“Congress has the ability in the U.S. Constitution to begin impeachment proceedings,” she explains. “When you look at these judges — not only Judge Jones here in Pennsylvania, but other federal judges who are handing down these decisions — their actions are unconstitutional.”

Gramley also contends those activist judges don’t reflect the will of the people. “We’re seeing homosexual wins across the country not because the views of Americans are changing but because of judicial activism,” she says. “And that’s the same thing that’s happened in Pennsylvania.

“The views in Pennsylvania are still that marriage is only between one man and one woman,” she concludes.

That statement is so indicative of why the Christian Right is losing this battle. They have no good arguments against marriage equality. All they have are talking points that make no sense.

Let me just ask a few questions…

How many judges have to rule in favor of marriage equality before conservative Christians stop referring to their actions as “judicial activism”?

How large of a majority of Americans need to support gay marriage before conservatives stop saying it’s the “will of the people” to ban it?

How many same-sex couples need to get married before evangelicals change their tune and admit that marriage doesn’t need to be restricted to one man and one woman (and that the Bible supports their newfound revelation)?

How many Republican-supported-and-appointed judges have to vote against you before you realize the law isn’t on your side?

As the dominoes continue to topple, the bigotry so many Christians have against the LGBT community will set into stone as their defining characteristic. It’s what we’ll remember them by — and people like me sure as hell won’t let future generations forget it.

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