Atheists Are Not the Intellectually Dishonest Ones Here May 16, 2014

Atheists Are Not the Intellectually Dishonest Ones Here

If you wanted to criticize atheists, there are ways to do it… but if you decide to go so far as to make a list of what “Intellectually Dishonest” atheists look like, let me offer two quick suggestions:

1) If you’re a pot, don’t call the kettle black.

2) Avoid straw man arguments.

Atheists… Atheists everywhere!

Andy Kind committed both of those sins in a post at Christian Vision for Men and the results are downright hilarious.

I want to highlight two of the signs in particular just to show you how bad this list is:

The books/blogs you read — or videos you watch — fit in with your existing worldview and serve simply to confirm your own prejudices. You deliberately stay away from anything that might challenge you.

A Christian wrote that. A Christian.

Sure, Christians have their own schools and music genres and bookstores… but we all know atheists are the ones in the bubble. Sure.

But that’s nothing compared to this complaint:

In place of delivering your own ideas and thoughts, you simply quote something that one of your heroes has said.

A Christian just chastised atheists for quoting something they didn’t write.

A person who habitually yells out lines from the Bible and constantly refers to things Jesus supposedly said believes that atheists should stop quoting Christopher Hitchens because we should think for ourselves.


To their credit, the commenters at his site are quick to point out that the list applies to Christians as much as anyone. If Kind would just admit that religious people are as guilty of these problems as the straw atheists he’s created, it’d be easier to digest his list — because it isn’t horrible on its own — but he’s sticking by his party line: Atheists are “intellectually dishonest” for doing the exact same things that so many Christians do all the time.

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