Humanism for Children: A Book for the Balkans May 15, 2014

Humanism for Children: A Book for the Balkans

A group called the Center for Civil Courage is trying to publish a book about Humanism aimed at children:

The book is divided into two parts. The first part “Humanism is for everybody” introduces children to scientific and social ideas. The first part of the book explains what the society in which children of the present live is about. It also discusses the values the families cherish which are often opposed to that reality. Thus the children are faced with a realistic picture, through valid arguments the worldview of their parents is strengthened.

The second part of the book “How to live a fulfilling life” contains ten advices for a better and just life based on humanistic values, how to be a thoughtful, jovial, rational and cheerful person.

If author Nada Peratović can raise enough money, the group will publish the book in Croatian and Bosnian — and if they have extra funds, they’ll reprint it in English. (You can see an English-language preview of the book here.)

It’s a great cause and the book would be published for regions that don’t always have easy access to Humanist thinking. Please consider chipping in!

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