Catholic Priest Tells Schoolchildren to Thank Their Mothers for Not Aborting Them May 13, 2014

Catholic Priest Tells Schoolchildren to Thank Their Mothers for Not Aborting Them

Father Joshy John told the second graders at Southern Cross Catholic School (in Queensland, Australia) that they should tell their mothers how much they loves them on Mothers Day.

But it didn’t quite come out that way:

Grade 2 children at Southern Cross Catholic School were told to thank their mums for not aborting them at a controversial Mother’s Day liturgy this week.

“The sermon went on and on about how you need to be thankful to your mother for not aborting you as there are hundreds and thousands of children who are aborted each year,” [one mother] said.

“Then, at the end he said, ‘if you don’t understand what abortion is, go home and discuss with your parents’.

“They don’t even know where babies come from at that age.”

John has apologized… but his statement just gives you an insight into where his mind’s at. He doesn’t see the difficult decision many women have to make. He doesn’t understand what it’s like to know you’re pregnant and that you don’t have the resources to give a child the care it needs. He doesn’t see the agony some mothers deal with before making a life-altering choice.

He just sees murder. And he wants to make sure children who know nothing about reproduction, rape, anatomy, economics, or consent see it the same way.

It’s irresponsible, unwise, and the parents were right to express their frustration. They’d be even better off removing their children from the school.

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Julia for the link)

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