NFL Prospect Who Skipped Out on Scouting Combine Because God Told Him To Doesn’t Get Drafted May 10, 2014

NFL Prospect Who Skipped Out on Scouting Combine Because God Told Him To Doesn’t Get Drafted

Back in February, when the NFL’s top prospects were in Indiana for the league’s Scouting Combine to show coaches, executives, and other decision-makers what they had to offer in terms of speed and ability before this weekend’s draft, one player was conspicuously absent.

Adam Muema, a running back from San Diego State University, came to the Combine but then left early for an odd reason:

He said he was “following God,” who told him if he missed workouts, he’d play for the Seattle Seahawks.

Playing for Seattle is his “dream,” Muema said. NFL teams are aware of the decision.

“Can’t go wrong with God,” Muema said.

“(God) told me to sit down, be quiet, and enjoy the peace,” he said.

So how did that decision work out for the guy whose Twitter screenname is @So_Lucrative and whose profile once presumptuously read “|God f1rst| Seahawks #8|”?

Turns out Muema didn’t get drafted.

And his recent tweets indicate that he really believed he would be playing in the NFL this season:

That’s a quick shift there, from the Seahawks to the Rams, but no matter. It’s still the NFL, right?

Anyway, the Rams might have called him up, but they didn’t take him. You know who they did take, though? Michael Sam, who just became the first openly gay player in the NFL.

Take that, Jesus!

It’s also worth noting that Muema’s profile no longer has “Seahawks #8” written on it:

As anyone could’ve told him, it’s a bad idea to sit out the biggest pre-draft showcase for any reason. I’m sure people could understand if there was a health issue or a major life circumstance… but anything else and you’re just giving every team’s representatives a good reason to cross you off their list.

A lot of football players are Christian. God must’ve told them not to skip the Combine.

I can’t wait to see how Muema rationalizes this one…

(Portions of this article were posted earlier.)

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