Eric Hovind Offers Fake Apology After Using Flood Site for Pro-Creationism Video May 8, 2014

Eric Hovind Offers Fake Apology After Using Flood Site for Pro-Creationism Video

Last week, I posted about how Creationist Eric Hovind suggested that erosion caused by an awful flooding in Pensacola, Florida was evidence that the Grand Canyon, too, could’ve been caused by the biblical Flood.

Yesterday, Hovind issued an “apology”… which is to say he doubled-down on his irrational thinking.

First, I never said Pensacola flooding proved Grand Canyon was carved out in DAYS. Now, I do believe that the Grand Canyon was formed in a short amount of time compared to the millions-of-years theory which you embrace, but I never claimed it was formed in “Days.” While this may sound trivial, your headline misrepresents what was said. That makes one wonder about the rest of your content.

The main point of the video is that lots of water can be very destructive over a short period of time.

Right. My bad. The Grand Canyon wasn’t carved out in days. You’d have to be crazy to believe that. If Noah’s Flood lasted about 375 days, then Hovind likely believes it was carved out in about a year. Give or take.

Because that’s much more sensible.

He had another problem with my headline, too:

Your headline continues, “Geologists Say Otherwise”.

Which geologists say otherwise?

Credible ones, Eric. Credible ones.

Hovind then tossed out a long list of geologists who supported his Young Earth mythology. All five of them.

It goes on like this for a while, with Hovind grasping at straws to explain how the Grand Canyon was totally carved out by Noah’s flood in a matter of (*ahem*) year, an idea that still goes against all available scientific evidence.

I wasn’t expecting anything different. But it seems like the critical comment thread under his video is getting to him and he has no choice but to stand firm on his Isle of Bullshit before it erodes away.

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