Todd Starnes: Atheists Fighting to Protect the First Amendment Remind Me of Hitler May 7, 2014

Todd Starnes: Atheists Fighting to Protect the First Amendment Remind Me of Hitler

Todd Starnes, appearing on Fox News Channel because he’s the closest thing to an “expert” they have, shows that he doesn’t just save his fictional stories for his articles.

He’ll make stuff up on TV, too.

Just listen to how he talks about the ramifications of the recent Supreme Court ruling about prayer at government meetings. I’ll just add my own thoughts in red…

Guess how you know Starnes is lying? GUESS!

Starnes: It’s very disturbing what’s been happening in this country, especially over the past five years, where the Obama administration has been waging a war against people of the Christian faith. [What?! The Obama administration actually filed a brief in support of the Christian prayers at government meetings, much to the chagrin of church/state separation groups. How does Starnes not even know that?! It just takes a few seconds of research—oh, right. Research. That explains it.]

Host: Does this affect the Pledge of Allegiance debate? [What debate?! There’s no federal court case going on right now to remove “Under God” from the Pledge. There are only state-level cases and even they don’t seek to remove the phrase from the Pledge. Furthermore, there’s no reason to believe the Supreme Court’s ruling will have anything to do with Starnes’ fictional Pledge debate.]

Starnes: Well, I think it possibly could. We’ve had instances where people are upset because we’re pledging allegiance “One nation Under God”… Let’s go back to our founding documents. We are endowed by our Creator. So let’s say the atheists are successful in removing Creator out of that sentence. [What the hell is he talking about?! There’s no atheist plan to rewrite the Declaration of Independence! That has absolutely nothing to do with any of this!] All right, Who do we put in there? I mean, look, the Germans tried it with Hitler. [… and we have the obligatory crazy-person Hitler reference. Because atheists fighting to protect the First Amendment for everybody are just like the guy who wanted to kill all the Jews.] Didn’t work out very well with them. Look at what happened in Italy. Look through history when you take Creator out of the mix and look what happens.

The host ends the segment by noting the “rare win for God in America.” Rare. He said rare. Because Christians have it *so* hard…

Yes, if only some of the Supreme Court judges believed in God, maybe they would finally understand what Christians have to go through. (What’s that? They all do? I see.)

Starnes, as usual, can’t rely on the facts to back up his Christian persecution narrative, so he just makes shit up — and it’s hardly surprising that a Fox News host didn’t even think to call him out on it.

(via Joe. My. God.)

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