On Reddit, /r/Islam Responds to This Blog’s Boko Haram Story May 6, 2014

On Reddit, /r/Islam Responds to This Blog’s Boko Haram Story

For obvious reasons, it’s rare for anything that’s published on Friendly Atheist to get attention on the “Islam” subreddit. Yesterday was an exception. A discussion broke out there that ran the gamut from concern and outrage over the Boko Haram mass abduction, to (surprise!) the good old No True Scotsman fallacy, to a Patheos-bashing the likes of which you’ve never seen.

Here are three interesting /r/Islam responses to the Boko Haram blog post, from across the spectrum.

  1. At these moments I look towards the East. Where are my Middle Eastern-oil rich-blessed with unimaginable wealth-muslim countries/people at? They should publicly condemn this, and help resolve this issue. Why do we look towards the west as if they are the only civilization with the capabilities and responsibilities towards these people? This a fallacy and it’s time we recognize that the wealthy in our community/religion aren’t willing to ever step up to the plate. Too busy counting their own money.

  2. At least there’s discussion on getting involved. Muslim countries aren’t even bothered. If Boko Haram released some cartoons, Muslims would explode. But all the horrors these despicable human beings have unleashed on innocents is of little or no concern to Muslims. And yes, the West like everyone else is going to take action if it’s in their interest. Muslims sit by doing nothing when Muslims are suffering in CAR [Central African Republic] and Burma. Let alone when their tyrannical leaders are murdering their own citizens. Bottom line — cartoons are offensive, rape/murder/torture are worthy of a yawn.

  3. Keep in mind that neither Unbliever nor anyone from Patheos actually cares about these humans being or victims — they just scrounge the earth looking for the worst actions to attack Islam and Muslims. Think about it, that’s all they do. They never actually help anyone. They want them to suffer coz that’s how they justify their bigotry.

Do these commenters have a point? Let us (and/or them) know.

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