More Elected Officials, Including Members of Congress, Issue “Day of Reason” Proclamations May 1, 2014

More Elected Officials, Including Members of Congress, Issue “Day of Reason” Proclamations

It’s not just Governor Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island issuing a “Day of Reason” proclamation this year.

It’s Mayor Jean Stothert of Omaha, Nebraska:

It’s Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman:

It’s Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC):

As I see nations around the world in turmoil, among people of different religious faiths, we are moved to deeper appreciation for the Framers, who bequeathed us the Constitution, which requires the separation of church and state. We could not have built a vast nation of extraordinary religious and ethnic diversity were it not for our tolerance of the world’s great religions, all of which exist among us in our nation today, and of Americans who claim no religion.

I hope that all Americans — religious, nonreligious and secular alike — will join in observing the National Day of Reason, today, May 1, 2014. This day provides an opportunity to celebrate and recognize the positive impacts on humanity of reason, critical thought and the scientific method, which have always been acknowledged to be consistent with religious faith, and to reaffirm that the line between religion and government must remain indelible.

It’s Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA):

Each day, scientists and engineers in my Silicon Valley district are developing innovative new technologies through the use of the scientific method and the application of reason. Such advances throughout history have offered hope for human survival on Earth, improved the conditions within which we live, and cultivated intelligent, moral and ethical behaviors and interactions among people.

The National Day of Reason is also a time to continue the effort our Founding Fathers began to form a more perfect union, something I work toward each day as a Member of Congress. Every year on this day, events such as food drives and blood drives are held in which Americans help their fellow citizens and our nation as a whole. These community service events are just some of the many ways Americans will be working to help those in need on the Day of Reason and throughout the year.

Many thanks to all of those politicians who took the opportunity to praise reason (over faith, which would have been an easy and popular thing to do on what’s also the National Day of Prayer).

And if you’d like to hear about the problems with the NDoP, just listen to The Peach:

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