I Didn’t Know Footballs Had That Capability… May 1, 2014

I Didn’t Know Footballs Had That Capability…

Apparently, Passback brand footballs are very popular in practices because of their unique design (making them look like 75% of real footballs). The company just created a Texas edition of their ball that they hope becomes a hit with Division 1 college and big name high school teams.

But I’ll admit I didn’t realize even the best practice footballs would have this sort of power:

The Passback is a one of a kind training and learning device with has revolutionized the football industry. It is the first and only football that designed to throw at a hard surface and it comes spiraling back.

Great for serious training or simply for fun, the Passback football improves passing accuracy, hand-eye coordination, footwork and the overall atheism of all athletes. The #1 “Football” Training will make you better, faster!

Holy shit, a football that makes you godless?!

What happens if Tim Tebow throws one of these balls? (Trick question. He’s still sitting on the bench.)

Okay, so they probably meant to write “athleticism,” but that’s quite a typo when you’re marketing to the Texas crowd…

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