Preacher and Patheos Blogger Asks: “American Christians: Have You Lost Your Minds?” April 30, 2014

Preacher and Patheos Blogger Asks: “American Christians: Have You Lost Your Minds?”

Like my friend Benjamin Corey, I don’t know why the following two things aren’t the opposite of how conservative Christians think.

Asking critical questions about the Biblical case against homosexuality, as Dan Haseltine did (Haseltine is a prominent Christian who fronts the band Jars of Clay) … is a damnable act.

Saying we should happily waterboard (torture) Muslim prisoners of war as a way to “baptize them,” which is what Sarah Palin proposed … is fine.

About that second statement, Corey writes,

[M]uch of the same conservative Christian internet that took on Dan Haseltine, didn’t care.

Two high-profile Christians made public statements — one that was simply questioning a civil issue in an honest attempt to learn and process, and one that actually advocated using one of the Holy Sacraments of the Church as a way to torture people. …

Only one of those statements offends me. Only one makes me want to spit battery acid.

And on his bloggy pulpit, he builds to this crescendo:

American Christians: have you lost your minds?? Who is it that told you that you should freak out over someone’s political stance on civil gay marriage instead of Christian leaders who are advocating that we torture other bearers of the divine image of God? Did someone cast a spell on you?… You foolish, foolish American Christians! Who has bewitched you??

I like it. But it does sound like someone may be playing on the wrong team.

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P.S. Palin is beginning to get flak from other Christian quarters too. A group called Faithful America has exceeded its goal of 15,000 signatures on a petition that reads:

For Christians, torture is not a joke or a political punchline, but a ghastly reminder of the suffering of Jesus upon the cross. By equating it with Holy Baptism — the act by which we are united with Christ in his death and resurrection — Sarah Palin is blasphemously twisting our faith into a weapon of hatred and violence. No media outlet should cover her remarks without reporting on how sincere Christians of all theological and political persuasions are appalled.

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