New Reality Show Will Feature Women Who Want to Become Nuns April 28, 2014

New Reality Show Will Feature Women Who Want to Become Nuns

Lifetime will soon be taping a series called The Sisterhood about five women who are considering becoming nuns:

For the first time ever, cameras will be granted access inside a Catholic convent where the five women live and work together before making the life-changing decision to take their vows and become religious sisters.

The series will explore whether the modern women can rise to serve God when they are cut off from family and friends and embedded in an unfamiliar community. By taking vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, each of the women featured on The Sisterhood leaves behind everything they’ve come to love — boyfriends, fashion, jewelry — to see if they want to become servants to the Church and Brides of Christ.

It doesn’t sound like something I’d watch (not that I’m the target audience) but I’ll admit there’s a way I’d be interested. If at least one of the women came to the realization that chastity and obedience were not qualities worth striving for, I’d start watching and rooting for her.

(I’d also watch a show where they put hidden cameras in a confessional booth.)

By the way, since the show is being produced by the same team that brought you Breaking the Faith and Breaking Amish, how did they miss the opportunity to call this show Breaking the Habit? Or Unconventional? And wouldn’t this be way more exciting if, every week, they kicked someone out of the convent?

Someone hire me to make a reality show.

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