Before You Laugh at Other Religions… April 27, 2014

Before You Laugh at Other Religions…

You know how religious people think everyone else’s beliefs are weird? Brian Doyle reminds them that they (like himself) ought to take a look in the mirror:

… did Joseph Smith really see galaxies in his hat? And how could Joseph Smith lose huge bronze tablets, wouldn’t you think things that weighed so much would be hard to misplace?

But then I remember that I am Catholic, and in my faith tradition people have soared into the sky never to appear again, and a man died and came back to life after three days (after which his first words, understandably, were, Have you anything to eat?), and a bolt of light told a nice Jewish girl that she was pregnant with the Creator in human form, and a burning bush spoke with the voice of the Creator, and the Madonna appeared to children and farmers many years after her death, and statues bleed and weep salty tears, and many other miraculous and amazing things. So who am I to grin at the astonishing tales of other faiths? Like Islam, in which the founding prophet rode to heaven on a horse named Lightning, or Anglicanism, which began because an Englishman cast covetous eyes at a woman not his wife, or Scientology, which began as an official religion in Camden, New Jersey.

There’s a simple solution, of course: Jut laugh at all of it.

(via the Morning Heresy. Image via Shutterstock)

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