A New Blog for Pastors Who Are Secretly Atheists April 25, 2014

A New Blog for Pastors Who Are Secretly Atheists

The Clergy Project — an online home for about 550 current clergy members who secretly don’t believe in God — is embarking on a very exciting new project.

It stems from the fact that we don’t usually hear anything about these secretive members until they’re ready to announce to the world that they don’t believe in God. (Teresa MacBain and Jerry DeWitt are “graduates” of the project.)

That’s about to change. Clergy Project members who are not out to the world yet will now have a chance to share their thoughts in the public square, writing for a new Patheos blog called Rational Doubt:

The blog will be managed by Catherine Dunphy (a former chaplain-in-training herself) and Clergy Project co-founder Linda LaScola:

Here on the blog, members and friends of The Clergy Project (TCP) will share their insights and experiences. You’ll hear from clergy who are out of the closet and on to other careers and from non-believing clergy who are still preaching and still under cover. You’ll also hear from TCP founders (e.g., Dan Barker, Richard Dawkins, Dan Dennett, “Adam” and “Chris”) and other writers. While there is much dissent about what religion should be, no one denies that much is changing in religion today. Come here to find out what’s going on with current and former religious leaders and to weigh in on the subject yourself.

It’s a site you’ll want to pay close attention to. Some of those current closeted pastors today will be among the most vocal atheists of tomorrow.

(via Religion News Service)

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