Louisiana Republican Pulls His Own Bill to Make the King James Bible the State Book April 22, 2014

Louisiana Republican Pulls His Own Bill to Make the King James Bible the State Book

Last month, Louisiana state Rep. Thomas Carmody (below) proposed legislation to make the King James Bible the state book.

It was a controversial proposal, even in committee hearings, but not for the obvious reasons.

Rep. Stephen Ortego opposed the bill… because he felt the KJV wasn’t inclusive enough of all Christians. Because, let’s face it, no one else really matters.

Rep. Ebony Woodruff thought it would make far more sense to adopt “all books of faith” as the official state books of Louisiana. She never elaborated on how a decision would be made on which books would be included on that list… so maybe The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster had a chance?

Carmody didn’t accept either of those amendments… but it wasn’t until last night that he finally pulled his own bill:

Rep. Thomas Carmody… scrapped his proposal to make the Holy Bible the official state book before it could go to a full vote of the state House of Representatives Monday evening. The bill had become a distraction, he said.

Damn right it had. It was unnecessary, divisive, and completely contrary to the point of state books that derive from a shared culture or elevate native-born authors. Carmody created the distraction and it’s about time that he cleaned up his own mess.

That means Alabama is still the only state with the Bible as its state book. That’s already one state too many.

(Thanks to Scott for the link)

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