Did You See That Anti-Christian Google Doodle Yesterday? April 21, 2014

Did You See That Anti-Christian Google Doodle Yesterday?

You saw it, right?

What? That doesn’t look anti-Christian? Well, tell that to the people who posted on a Google forum yesterday about how their holiday was being ignored by the Powers That Be:

I’m sick of one of the most important Christian holidays being ignored while other religious holidays as well as homosexuality are celebrated as doodles on the Google Search bar. If Google has tried to prevent religious favoritism or tried to promote its political correctness, it has failed. On behalf of a vast portion of those who go on google – Christians – I advocate for Google’s acknowledgement of Easter as a doodle.

It depresses me 🙁
I usually enjoy google doodles, and went to see what cute thing they put up today…nothing.
Sure makes me feel like a 2nd class citizen to have my religion ignored while others are honored.

How is it that Google acknowledges almost every other holiday along with all sorts of obscure birthdays and random events, but does absolutely nothing for the most major holiday of the world’s most widely spread religion? I was looking forward to seeing a cute Google doodle today. I went out of my way to check to see what was on their homepage…and nothing! It is extremely obvious that to not acknowledge Easter was an intentional decision. They could at least do some Easter eggs or a bunny or something, just to acknowledge the secular celebrations on Easter, which are derived from the celebration of the fertility goddess back in the day. What gives? What is the reason for going out of their way to not acknowledge Easter? It just makes it seem that Google is singling out this day and removing it from their equal celebration of cultures and events. What is their point being made? I would really like to know.

I can’t tell how many of those commenters are fake… but we’ve seen fundies say crazy things before.

In any case, no, Google is not discriminating. They’ve done an Easter Doodle before. They’ve done plenty of Christmas ones, too.

There’s no anti-Christian conspiracy. Google just prefers to celebrate different things in different years and they don’t run the same Doodles twice.

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