There’s Now a Pinterest for Christians April 15, 2014

There’s Now a Pinterest for Christians

Eager to join the ranks of GodTube, Christian Mingle, Faithbook, and FaithLauncher, there’s now a D-rated Christian version of Pinterest. Because we all know how Pinterest was just a haven for godless heathens and their Satanic images…

It’s called Godinterest (very original, I know) and it’s exactly as dull and uninspiring as you think it would be:

The founder of created this Christian alternative to allow people to post photos within a Christian environment that disallows ill-mannered language and distasteful images.

[Dean] Jones said, “Pinterest is no doubt one of the leading social media sites that allows users to share things they like largely through images and discover other things that other users are interested in, however, the posts on Pinterest are not always guaranteed to be family friendly or suitable for the whole family.

No… but that’s how the Internet/society/world works. You can’t shelter yourself from everything that might challenge you. But Christians always seem to want to create another bubble in which to isolate themselves.

Here’s what I’m wondering: Even within the confines of good taste and child-friendly language, will images that challenge traditional notions of Christianity be allowed? What about an image of the Big Bang as part of God’s plan? A gay couple holding hands as they walk into church? A tattoo of Jesus on the cross?

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