If a Christian Group Can Distribute Bibles in Kentucky High Schools, Atheists Want the Same Opportunity April 13, 2014

If a Christian Group Can Distribute Bibles in Kentucky High Schools, Atheists Want the Same Opportunity

Earlier this year, Gideons International requested and received permission to leave Bibles at a Kentucky public elementary school so that interested children could pick them up.

In response, the Tri-State Freethinkers group decided they also wanted to play the game by leaving books promoting Humanism at the same school. The district had no choice but to allow them to do it.

Some parents, in response, pulled their children from school that day:

It turns out that Casey County isn’t alone in letting the Gideons into schools. It’s happening all over the state — in high schools as well as elementary schools — and the freethinkers are fighting back.

I’m happy to announce that they plan to distribute my book The Young Atheist’s Survival Guide at all the high schools the Gideons have distributed bibles at.

In order to make that happen, though, they need some help. If you can pitch in to help purchase copies of the book, you’ll be making them available to high school students who wouldn’t normally have access to material that exposes them to non-religious thinking.

I suppose we should all also thank the Gideons folks for giving us the opportunity to cleanse people of whatever the Bible is supposed to teach them (though I would be much happier if they just stopped the public school distributions altogether).

More updates coming soon. I’m sure parents across the state will be thrilled!

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