Carroll County Officials Decide by the Narrowest of Margins to Follow Court Order & Stop Praying to Jesus at Meetings April 9, 2014

Carroll County Officials Decide by the Narrowest of Margins to Follow Court Order & Stop Praying to Jesus at Meetings

After a judge told the Carroll County (Maryland) Board of Commissioners that they needed to stop their prayers to Jesus at meetings, they decided they didn’t give a damn what the law said.

A day after the ruling, commissioner Robin Bartlett Frazier said a religious prayer anyway (falsely attributing it to President George Washington).

Robin Bartlett Frazier

After the American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center sent the commissioners’ lawyers a warning letter threatening a contempt charge if there was another attempt to defy the ruling, the board went ahead and invited a speaker who also said a prayer to Jesus.

So the AHA demanded the court issue a heavy fine against the board — to the tune of $30,000 immediately and $10,000 for each additional violation of the court order.

While the judge hasn’t decided if he will hold the board in contempt, the commissioners voted 3-2 yesterday to stop with the sectarian prayers.

3-2. So two of the commissioners thought the wise move was to defy the court order, waste their constituents’ money, and continue using the government meetings as personal worship services.

Two of the commissioners wanted to become martyrs for the Christian cause, even if it meant hurting the very county they represent.

Does anyone really believe they’ll stop with the sectarian prayers? Regardless of what the commissioners decided yesterday, the AHA should continue to keep a close eye on what they do. The fact that this vote wasn’t unanimous may be the strongest possible signal to the judge that it’ll take a fine in order to force the commissioners to stop confusing church and state.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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