America’s Most Important Defender of Evolution May Be This Catholic April 6, 2014

America’s Most Important Defender of Evolution May Be This Catholic

The Daily Beast has a positive profile of Brown University biologist Kenneth Miller, a devout Catholic whose defense of science/evolution helped destroy Intelligent Design during the Dover trial:

Ken Miller (via Wikipedia)

Miller has few peers when it comes to helping people understand evolution. He is the co-author of two of the most widely used biology textbooks in the country — one each for high school and college students. When creationists try to remove evolution from public schools, Miller’s text is often the target…

Miller’s scathing critiques of Intelligent Design are especially grating, coming from a committed Christian, as it flies in the face of the [Discovery] Institute’s claim that evolution is really just a creation story for atheists.

Miller’s beliefs fall in line with about a third of the country. They accept evolution, but believe God started or guides the process. There’s obviously no evidence for that, but it’s up for debate whether we (atheists) should just let that one slide since that group eventually ends up with the proper conclusion. Right answer, wrong reason.

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