The War on Christmas is On! These Christians Are Angry That a School District Renamed Christmas Break ‘Winter Recess’ March 29, 2014

The War on Christmas is On! These Christians Are Angry That a School District Renamed Christmas Break ‘Winter Recess’

The War on Christmas (2014 edition) has begun!

Years ago, the Norwood Public Schools decided to change the name of “Christmas Recess” to “Winter Recess” since, you know, not everyone believes in Jesus.

Theresa McNulty is still pissed off about that:

“We think there is a movement in our country to demote Christianity and Christmas is the name of a Christian feast day,” McNulty said. “Christmas is the name of a national holiday. They changed the name of a national holiday to winter recess, and that offended us.

McNulty and Jim Drummey gathered enough signatures to have a non-binding ballot referendum about the change… on the Monday, April 7, ballot asking them about the vacation name.

“We’re tired of other avenues. We’ve gone through the other avenues,” McNulty said. “The School Committee is aware of what they’re doing. They’re digging in on this. They don’t want to admit they’ve made a mistake.

That’s because the School Committee didn’t make a mistake. (Unlike God, Jews and Muslims and atheists actually exist.) To their credit, they’re saying they won’t budge regardless of how the ballot referendum goes. Committee Member John Badger even added, “Nobody… has stepped up and given an actual reason as to why the School Committee should give Christmas more importance than any of the other holidays.”

Damn, it must be good to be a Christian. This is the sort of thing that makes your blood boil?! Atheists are working on things like getting openly-non-theistic people elected to public office… meanwhile, McNulty’s angry because the universe doesn’t completely revolve around her.

Someone please edit the Wikipedia page for Christian privilege to include this example since it’s about as textbook as you’ll ever find.

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Jason for the link)

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