Jordanian Court Calls Uncovered Women ‘Sluts’ Who Are Unfit to Testify March 27, 2014

Jordanian Court Calls Uncovered Women ‘Sluts’ Who Are Unfit to Testify

News from one of our moderate (some would say progressive) Muslim allies: the Sharia Court of Appeal in Amman, Jordan, found that women who don’t cover up are “sluts” whose fairness and honesty is compromised — and who therefore may be excluded from appearing as witnesses.

The court announced late last week that it agreed with one lawyer’s statement — based on a fatwa — that says a woman who does not cover up or wear a hijab is considered a “slut” and shouldn’t be allowed to testify in court.

The country’s Women’s Union released a statement … that describes the court’s decision as discrimination against women and a violation of the Jordanian Constitution, which considers all Jordanian men and women as equals.

No one said religion and logic must be compatible, but I’m going to ask this anyway: Wouldn’t someone who’s outfitted with any kind of face covering find it easier to mislead the court … and lie … as an obscured face can mask that person’s true intentions?

Also, I wonder what Jordan’s Queen Noor (pictured above) thinks of being called a slut.

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