KKK Leader: ‘We Don’t Hate People Because of Their Race…We’re a Christian Organization’ March 23, 2014

KKK Leader: ‘We Don’t Hate People Because of Their Race…We’re a Christian Organization’

Frank Ancona, the “Imperial Wizard of the Traditional American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan,” said something the other day that would make just about anyone cringe.

In explaining how his organization wants to “maintain White Supremacy,” he attempted to explain why this doesn’t make the KKK a hate group:

“We don’t hate people because of their race,” said Ancona. “We are a Christian organization.”

While any decent Christian would denounce Ancona without hesitation, it’s striking how Ancona’s rhetoric is really no different from everything Fred Phelps ever said. Or any homophobic Christian leader, really. How many times have you heard pastors say some variation of how they don’t hate people because of their sexual orientation, but it’s just that being gay isn’t part of God’s plan for us?

They are intolerant bigots. And they couch their hate in the language of religion as if it ought to provide a cover for their beliefs. It’s like they know what they’re saying is absolutely unacceptable but they’re hoping we’ll let it slide because they have a strong religious conviction about it.

Simply put, being hateful and being Christian aren’t mutually exclusive. We have plenty of examples of those two worlds overlapping.

No one is giving this KKK guy a pass — for obvious reasons — but we shouldn’t let anyone who’s against LGBT rights get a pass either. Never let people use the Bible as a shield.

(Image via Shutterstock — Thanks to Frank for the link)

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