Breaking: Fred Phelps Is Dead March 20, 2014

Breaking: Fred Phelps Is Dead

America’s biggest hater is dead. Fred Phelps was 84.

In 2010, Huffington Post reporter Joshua Kors asked how the frontman of the widely reviled Westboro Baptist Church saw his own demise.

Kors: Everybody’s going to die at some point. I’m wondering about your thoughts on going to heaven.

Phelps: The Lord himself should descend for me with the angels. I’m not looking for an undertaker — I’m looking for an uppertaker.

Kors: Describe that heaven for me.

Phelps: When the time comes, I will leave my old body. My new body will be a part of God. That’s our inheritance. God says, “They shall hunger no more. They shall thirst no more.” What’s the matter with you? Don’t you know the Bible? You are about the most ignorant person I’ve ever seen.

I agree with Phelps. He will never hunger or thirst again.

Or spread hate again. For that, I’m thankful.

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