Another Celebrity Wrongly Believes There’s a Link Between Vaccines and Autism March 15, 2014

Another Celebrity Wrongly Believes There’s a Link Between Vaccines and Autism

What is it about Chicago that draws celebrity anti-vaxers? We already have Jenny McCarthy and now we have Kristin Cavallari (reality show star and wife of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler).

In an interview on Fox Business, Cavallari admitted she didn’t vaccinate her children because she didn’t want them to get autism, a link we all know has never been proven by any credible scientist.

We didn’t vaccinate… You know what, I’ve ready too many books about autism… There is a pediatric group called Homestead — Homestead or Homefirst; Now I [have] pregnancy brain, gotta confuse them — they’ve never vaccinated any of their children, and they haven’t had one case of autism. And now one in 88 boys is autistic. That’s a really scary statistic… The vaccinations have changed over the years, there’s more mercury and other

(It’s Homefirst. And it’s founder has been the subject of numerous lawsuits and investigations.)

To her credit, host (and former MTV VJ) Kennedy politely tried to push back against Cavallari’s ignorance, but it didn’t go very far because they quickly moved on to the next topic: legalizing marijuana (Cavallari regained her senses on that issue).

It’s not that I’m shocked to hear the star of “Laguna Beach” say something idiotic and dangerous, but considering they spent the beginning of that segment talking about how the Cavallari of a decade ago was a “baby” (who was presumably less wise than she is today), it’s apparent that she has a long way to go. Until then, she’s putting her own children — and all the children they come into contact with — at risk. It’s irresponsible parenting as well as a safety hazard.

Meanwhile, Jenny McCarthy is just setting us up with this tweet the other day:

Top of my list: Someone who doesn’t believe in endangering our future children.

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