The Differences Between the Secular and Religious Arguments Against Abortion March 13, 2014

The Differences Between the Secular and Religious Arguments Against Abortion

Libby Anne offered a very interesting response to the guest post by Kristine Kruszelnicki by explaining how Kruszelnicki’s secular arguments against abortion really aren’t all that different from the religious arguments against abortion that Libby Anne grew up with:

This “secular” argument against abortion is no different from the arguments I and other evangelical kids grew up hearing. The only point where God enters the evangelical equation is the idea that we value all human life, from conception to natural death, because God values life. For atheists who believe life is inherently valuable, the argument builds in the same way. I think some atheists have a tendency to assume that arguments for things they find abhorrent — such as efforts to ban abortion — must of necessity be founded on religion and solely on religion. This isn’t true.

Religion is not the boogeyman from which all bad arguments flow.

Since I wasn’t raised in that type of religious environment, I wonder if those of you who were would agree. Were you primarily taught secular arguments against abortion or religious ones? How much overlap was there?

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