Cuyahoga Falls City Council Prays ‘In Jesus’ Name’ At Meetings March 7, 2014

Cuyahoga Falls City Council Prays ‘In Jesus’ Name’ At Meetings

If you’re a member of a City Council, how do you not understand this by now? If you’re giving an invocation prayer, it must be non-denominational; you can’t pray to Jesus when you’re supposed to represent everybody. Hell, the Supreme Court is about to rule on this exact matter very soon.

I guess no one on the Cuyahoga Falls City Council in Ohio got the memo. Ever since Councilman Terry Mader became the council’s chaplain in January, his invocation prayers have all ended with the words, “In Jesus’ name, we pray.”

Cuyahoga Falls City Council

On Monday, local residents did their best to protect their city from a lawsuit:

On Monday, Sheryl Aronson of Oakwood Drive was one of nine people who addressed the packed council chambers.

While none of those who spoke suggested getting rid of prayer altogether, Aronson and four others asked for a general invocation that does not favor one religion over another.

Aronson suggested following the prayer with a moment of silence for everyone to fill in as they please.

“In your own mind, you can say ‘in Christ’s name.’ It doesn’t lose any power by being said silently. It doesn’t gain any power by being said out loud,” she said.

Silly Sheryl. These kinds of Christians aren’t interested in saying a prayer. They’re only interested in making sure everyone knows they’re saying a prayer.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has already sent the council a letter warning them to stop what they’re doing, but the council doesn’t appear to be taking the matter seriously:

… council made no decision on the matter, and [Council President Mary Ellen] Pyke would not say if any action would be taken.

If they won’t take action, then the decision will made for them in court one way or another.

(Thanks to Joyce for the link)

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