Is an Oklahoma Doctor Really Peddling a $300 Life-Long Painkiller Called ‘the Jesus Shot’? March 6, 2014

Is an Oklahoma Doctor Really Peddling a $300 Life-Long Painkiller Called ‘the Jesus Shot’?

Would you allow a doctor to inject you with a magical substance that will remove all pain for the rest of your life?

If that sounds too good to be true, it’s in part because the doctor, John Michael Lonergan, 67, is a convicted felon — a former federal prison inmate who was convicted on eight felony counts (involving tax evasion, mail fraud, and healthcare fraud) in Ohio.

Post-verdict, that state’s medical board indefinitely revoked Lonergan’s license to practice medicine. But after Lonergan, a native Oklahoman, got out of jail and moved back home, the Oklahoma medical board voted to allow Lonergan to be a doctor “under state supervision.”

The disgraced physician settled close to Edmond, Oklahoma, where, a local news outlet claims, he has been peddling an all-purpose painkiller that lasts until you die — which may be sooner than you think, considering that he allegedly won’t tell what’s in the injection. All Lonergan will say to patients is that the remedy is called “the Jesus shot.”

Oh, and the other thing he’ll say is, “That’ll be 300 dollars please.”

An Oklahoma station, News 9, recently began receiving troubling e-mails saying that

… the doctor is actively injecting people across the state with a mysterious formula called the “Jesus shot.”

News 9 tracked Lonergan to Full Circle Health in Edmond as well as Doorway To Health in Moore. A receptionist at the Edmond clinic answered questions in a recorded phone call with News 9.

News 9: “Why is it called the Jesus shot?

Clinic: “I don’t know why [Lonergan] calls it that.”

News 9: “What’s in it?”

Clinic: “You would have to sit down for a consultation with [Lonergan]. I do not know what the formula is.”

Full Circle Health Clinic Director Barbie Schrick says Lonergan is a part-time employee. Schrick promises to investigate Lonergan’s “miracle injection.”  …

The Oklahoma Medical Board says it is aware of the concerns surrounding the “Jesus shot.”

The story sounds a bit iffy, and so far, the facts are thin rather than in.

Giving the account a bit more authority is that various people in the News 9 comment thread claim not only to have received the Jesus shot, but that it has worked wonders in returning them to health and pain-free living. Those comments could be genuine, or they could be Lonergan plants, sock puppets, or freelance hoaxers.

One purported patient, a Caitlin Dobbs, writes

… it’s never been labeled a cure-all, but it does cure a lot of arthritis, pains, etc. It’s just steroids and vitamin B in a certain delivery method that works, Jesus gave him the recipe 30 years ago.

In that case, I’m convinced. (But why didn’t Jesus use the magic concoction on himself right before the crucifixion, perhaps giving us another thirty or forty years of fig-tree cursing and casting demons into pigs?)

If we find out more, we’ll update you.

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