An Atheist Member of the Arizona House of Representatives Delivered Another Godless Invocation This Week March 5, 2014

An Atheist Member of the Arizona House of Representatives Delivered Another Godless Invocation This Week

Last May, when Arizona State Representative Juan Mendez (below) delivered a secular invocation on the House floor, a Christian colleague delivered two religious invocations the following day — to make up to God for the “mistake,” I suppose.

Hopefully that won’t be the case this time around.

On Monday, Mendez delivered another secular invocation, this time appealing a bit more to the religious legislators in the room (as opposed to last time, when he quoted Carl Sagan):

In keeping with the spirit of the Opening Prayer during which we make a petition honoring our most sacred beliefs, I share with you a poem I adapted after hearing it from someone I respect — a prayer from my Humanist worldview that appeals to all our common humanness.

Today I ask for us all
the grace to shout
the grace to shout when it hurts,
even though silence is expected of us,

and the grace to listen when others shout
though it may be painful to hear,

the grace to object, to protest, when we feel, taste, or observe injustice
believing that even the unjust and arrogant
are human nonetheless
and therefore are worthy of strong efforts to reach them.

Do not choose a path that leads to the heart of despair
but choose to fill yourself with courage and understanding,

Choose to be that person who knows very well
when the moment has come to protest

I ask for us all the grace to be angry
when the weakest are the first to be exploited
and the trapped are squeezed for their meager resources,
when the most deserving are the last to thrive,
and the privileged demand more privilege.

I ask that we seek the inspiration we find inside each other to make our voices heard
when we have something that needs to be said,
something that rises to our lips despite the fear that was created in hopes to silence us,
to make us feel unwelcome

Audre Lorde, writer and civil rights activist asked us,
To remember that when we are silent we are still afraid
So it is better to speak
we were never meant to survive.

And so in closing I ask for us all to have the grace to listen when the many finally rise to speak and their words are an agony for us.

Absolutely beautiful. That was adapted from William Cleary‘s “The Grace to Shout” and Audre Lorde‘s “A Litany for Survival.”

That invocation comes less than a month after another Arizona legislator, Rep. Ruben Gallego gave his own godless prayer on the floor.

Arizona, you’re awesome. At least when you’re not making me hang my head in shame.

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