If These Christians Want to Create Their Own Version of the Boy Scouts, Let Them Go March 1, 2014

If These Christians Want to Create Their Own Version of the Boy Scouts, Let Them Go

Now that the Boy Scouts of America allows gay members, some Christians have created their own D-rated alternative and are parading it around as if it’s just as good:


Chatting in the living room one night, Ron Orr gave his 15-year-old son Andrew a choice: He could stick with the Boy Scouts of America and his mission to become an Eagle Scout, or he could join Trail Life USA — the new Christian-based alternative that excludes openly gay boys.

Orr and his son left BSA and set out with other families to build a new organization based on what they believe to be Christian values. Orr is a regional organizer who speaks to churches and groups about Trail Life. His son now aspires to achieve a Freedom Award, the new group’s highest rank.

Trail Life USA: The thing you put on your resume if you want everyone to know you’re a bigot. The organization that has an “inclusion” policy “designed for biologically male children under the age of 18.” The group run by people who think the Boy Scouts, which still bans gay scout leaders, is just too damn welcoming to everyone.

Congratulations, Christians, you’ve found yet another way to make yourselves irrelevant by removing yourselves from the discussion and creating a brand new bubble.

But I do have a suggestion for the BSA. If the most vocal Christian opponents of your somewhat-inclusive policy are leaving to begin their own group, why not finish what you started and finally open yourselves up to gay scout leaders? It’s hardly a compromise to tell young gay people they can be a part of your group with the knowledge they’ll be banned from it the moment they graduate. Just drop the silly ban on gay adults and give people like me a reason to support you again.

(Thanks to Scott for the link)

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