Help Save an Atheist Alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous March 1, 2014

Help Save an Atheist Alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous

Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS) is in trouble.

After nearly 30 years, the atheist alternative to super-spiritual Alcoholics Anonymous will no longer be funded in full by the Council for Secular Humanism (a part of Center for Inquiry) due to budget constraints. That means, in order to continue helping people achieve sobriety without resorting to the supernatural, it needs to raise quite a bit of money:

I asked a representative for the group what the immediate future holds for SOS and this was the response:

The current future of SOS looks like meetings worldwide will continue to grow (both in the number of meetings and in the size of individual meetings); its prison outreach program, the largest of any secular recovery group, will also continue to grow, despite the loss of funding. SOS meetings are all run autonomously, but the SOS international headquarters at CFI–Los Angeles provides materials, guidance in starting and running meetings, and a weekly meeting facility for a local group.

Funding will also go toward a salary for the group’s founder and Executive Director Jim Christopher.

SOS has raised about half of what it needs (despite what the Indiegogo page says) but it could still use more help. If you think it’s important to help those struggling with addiction realize that the ability to overcome their problems lies within them and not a Higher Power, please give something to the cause.

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