Well, He Does Work in an Industry Where They Say ‘Oh God’ a Lot… February 18, 2014

Well, He Does Work in an Industry Where They Say ‘Oh God’ a Lot…

Some wise words from someone not usually known for his religious musings:

… Maybe we [the Jews] were wrong, but God is way too nice and too benevolent to punish kids for being wrong.

Christians say that if you don’t accept Jesus as your savior, you don’t go to heaven. That’s kind of mean. What if God says, instead, “It’s not a kid’s fault that they were born into the wrong thing, so I’ll teach them about me when they get to heaven.”

So then I took that a step further to Buddha, Confucius, and other faiths, and thought, What if you pray to them diligently so that, on the day you die, at least somebody is going to be there [that you recognize].

And guess who made that comment?

Porn star Ron Jeremy:

On a side note, Jeremy defended pornography against a pastor who was against it as part of a traveling roadshow/debate several years ago.

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