A Baptist College in Texas Now Has a Hilarious New Name February 17, 2014

A Baptist College in Texas Now Has a Hilarious New Name

Texas Baptist College really wants foreign students to attend the school.

But in order to maintain their Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) status allowing them to accept those students, they have to be incorporated within the state. But in order to be incorporated within the state, they have to be an accredited institution of higher learning.

Which Texas Baptist College is not. Because it’s not *really* a school where you go to learn things. It’s one of those indoctrination camps where you learn how to become a servant of the Lord and little else.

It’s a school where the application asks if you’ve attended a movie in the past year, and if so, when. (Same with dancing.)

Anyway, this is not a school that’ll pass any sort of accreditation test anytime soon. So, claiming they’re remaining “true to our convictions of remaining independent, the school is just changing names instead.

Texas Baptist College no longer exists.

Say hello to Texas Independent Baptist Seminary & Schools:

Texas IBS.

I guess no one told them IBS is the acronym typically used to describe Irritable Bowel Syndrome… or that having the phrase “I BS” in the name of your Christian college is just inviting mockery from skeptics.

But maybe potential students will see that as another warning sign.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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