Pastor Rage-Preaches Against Divorced People Who Get Remarried February 12, 2014

Pastor Rage-Preaches Against Divorced People Who Get Remarried

In the following video rant, Pastor Steven Anderson explains how he refuses to perform wedding ceremonies for couples if either of the people involved has gotten a divorce. Because “Divorce + Remarriage = Adultery“:

He offers this rage-filled response to anyone who doesn’t want to abide by his rules:

… You will have no problem finding an independent, fundamental, King James, soul-winning church that does not believe what I’m preaching this morning… So just flip open the Yellow Pages, go to “Independent Fundamental Baptist,” and start calling down the list, and you will find plenty of preachers who will disagree with what I’m preaching, but [screaming] what I’m preaching today is what Jesus Christ taught 2000 years ago, and Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever, and I don’t care if our society embraces divorce, and even Christians are getting divorced at the same rate as the world, I’M NOT GONNA CHANGE! I’m staying the same.

[Calmly] Just like the Bible is the same.

I can’t imagine why so many people are leaving his church…

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