Pastor Running an Online Church for the Deaf Comes Out as an Atheist February 9, 2014

Pastor Running an Online Church for the Deaf Comes Out as an Atheist

For a few years now, Pastor Justin Vollmar has been releasing YouTube videos in which he explains biblical concepts and answers theological questions — all in sign language — as part of his “Virtual Deaf Church.”

But his latest video came as a shock because of the secret he revealed: He’s now an atheist.

In short, Vollmar explains that he enrolled in seminary to obtain his masters degree in Theology. But his intense study of the Bible didn’t strengthen his faith. It led him away from it.

Vollmar joined the Clergy Project not too long ago, giving him the opportunity to talk to other pastors like himself who were also closeted atheists.

Not wanting to preach a gospel he no longer accepts and not wanting to lie to his viewers, he took a break from making videos for about five months (with one exception a few days ago)… only to come back over the weekend to post just one more.

No word yet on what Vollmar’s next steps will be, but he may have already taken the largest one.

(Thanks to Daniel for the link!)

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