Creation Museum: ‘The Media is Split’ About the Bill Nye/Ken Ham Debate February 7, 2014

Creation Museum: ‘The Media is Split’ About the Bill Nye/Ken Ham Debate

Let’s throw an easy question out there: If you had to criticize Bill Nye over Tuesday night’s Creationism/Evolution debate, what would you say?

Almost universally, it seems, people on the science side of the debate focused their criticism on his decision to accept the invite in the first place. Very few had major problems with his presentation, with responses ranging from Great! to that-was-scientifically-valid-but-not-very-compelling.

Few people, it seemed, argued that Nye did a poor job of defending his side, and Ken Ham may even be included in that bunch.

Let’s face it: You can’t find an article (that’s not from a Creationist group) that says Ken Ham won the debate. He didn’t. He objectively didn’t. Even if you thought there was a debate to be had, that spell was broken the moment Ham said he wouldn’t change his mind about Creationism no matter the evidence.

Which brings us back to Answers in Genesis’ recap of the event, written by staffer Steve Golden:

Both men conducted themselves respectfully and calmly. Their arguments were clear, pointed, and demonstrated a passion for their views. Is it necessary to declare a winner? The media is split on the issue. But the overarching victory for Christians in this debate is that the gospel of Jesus Christ was shared with the millions of people watching the debate.

Doesn’t that tell you everything you need to know right there?

You have a lie and an exaggeration all in one. The media isn’t “split” about anything. They’re not split about declaring a winner, and they’re certainly not split about who that winner was. When even Pat Robertson says you’re a “joke” to Christians, you know you’re on the wrong side of the issue.

And if the “victory” for Christians came from the spreading of the gospel, then can we also infer that the Creationists are admitting they lost the debate on the merits of their case?

Anyway, there was nothing “mixed” about the reactions to Tuesday’s event. Much like Ken Ham wants to confuse people into believing evolution isn’t a settled matter, he’s trying to convince us now that there’s a wide variety of reactions to the debate. There wasn’t. You have 99% of the media saying Nye won a debate he shouldn’t have participated in in the first place… and a few fringe groups saying Ham somehow came out on top.

Just like evolution, the results point overwhelmingly away from whatever Ken Ham wants to believe.

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