On Facebook, Ray Comfort Demands Respect, Bans People for Mockery, Blasphemy, Not Capitalizing God February 5, 2014

On Facebook, Ray Comfort Demands Respect, Bans People for Mockery, Blasphemy, Not Capitalizing God

Banana king Ray Comfort has a new Facebook policy, revealed in a recent status update:

Immediate banning for cussing, mockery of Christians, blasphemy, mocking the Bible, libel of Ray, rudeness, or not giving “God” or “Jesus” caps. A lot of atheists have already been banned today for not giving “God” and “Jesus” caps. Old habits die hard.

One commenter was banned for responding “How pompous can you get?,” so Comfort means business.

It’s an odd turn of events given that the evangelist likes “ministering” to atheists — and often fires the first volley in willful provocation.

“It’s important to know that I deliberately create a ‘buzz.’ I say things like ‘Evolution stands in the way of the science of discovery, summed up in Einstein’s ‘I want to know how God created this world.’ This brings them out in force, and gives us an opportunity to give sensible and biblical answers to their questions and objections.”

Even though atheists at times seem to be Comfort’s entire raison d’être, and he’s debated thousands of them, he still has trouble understanding what those heathens are all about. For instance, he believes that secularists reject Jesus because “as far as they are concerned, Christianity didn’t deliver its promises of a ‘happy’ life.”


I guess they are bored with their godless life. Atheists aren’t the intellectuals they think they are. They think there’s no proof for the existence of God. They are like fish in the ocean saying that there’s no proof that water exists. They make mindless statements, such as there’s no evidence that Jesus Christ ever existed. I guess they don’t know what year it is.”

How’s that for respectful?

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